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Handling fee details

1 DescriptionLow income countries
Seen here
Middle Income countries
seen here
High income countries
seen here
WAIVER for non-funded projects
3Posters/speech transcriptsUS$100US$200US$30050%
4Books/Lecture notesUS$1020US$1220US$142050%
6Conference proceedings or Book of abstractsUS$1020US$1220US$1420
7Institutional subscription for Manuscripts/papersNegotiableNegotiableNegotiableNegotiable
8 Institutional subscription for Books/lecture notes, , Thesis, DissertationNegotiableNegotiableNegotiableNegotiable
9Miscellaneous / others??????Negotiable

Article Processing Charges

We do not have any funding, to support our operations and publications. Therefore, until we get the funding we need, authors of accepted papers and manuscripts are encouraged to pay a cost-sharing token in the form of Article Processing Charges (APC) or handling tokens as illustrated in the table above.

Handling of the manuscript submitted for peer review consideration and publication in the Special Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Diseases Markers [SJ-MND] published by Special Journals Publisher [SJP], for sustainable development needs some small financial token from stakeholders.

Since open access is not free access, Special Journals Publisher accepts article processing charges so as to make our articles open access articles free access to all our global audience.

Article Processing Waiver

The Special Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Diseases Markers [SJ-MND] has a waiver for articles and manuscripts from non-funded projects. Authors of such articles should therefore apply for the 50% waiver in addition to the article submission cover letter. This documentation is needed by our auditors when our management wants to put our records straight. There is no waiver for funded projects as our article processing fees are already highly subsidized in line with our, not for profit policies upon which our network was established

Not for profit

We do not charge publication fees for accepted journals because we are not for the profit publication networks and the reviewers of submitted articles do so on a voluntary basis for free of charge as part of their corporate professional responsibilities to the general public. However, authors of accepted papers are encouraged to take part in our policy of cost-sharing of the processing and handling fee for each journal and its content as specified in the table above.

The handling or processing fee are terms used to describe the money needed to keep the editorial office running in relation to overhead costs which include but are not limited to :

Cost-sharing details

  1. Tax
  2. Softwares and not for free but necessary indexing databases (DOI, CSE, etc)
  3. The annual fee for some Associations and professional consortia
  4. Payments for logistics and tea to professional volunteers who are consulted from time to time to keep the editorial office running.
  5. Payment for services of technicians who are required to maintain the website since we are solely an online publication network.
  6. Large internet data from service providers
  7. Good antivirus
  8. Website hosting and associated charges (domain, lock, and others)
  9. Computers and accessories,
  10. subscriptions for software’s and databases (Grammarly, plagiarism, SEO plugin, and others)
  11. Power supply, utilities, and some local dues are needed to provide the platform for volunteers to do their work including meetings and training for better services provisions.
  12. Airtime to make phone calls
  13. Training of volunteers for an update in service delivery

As of December 2020, we can confirm that the minimum cost of handling and processing a manuscript from the authors’ submission to acceptance until it is published and maintained online is as shown in the table above. Authors from developed or high-income countries are encouraged to pay it completely. This will enable the Special Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Diseases Markers [SJ-MND] to reduce the cost of handling and processing manuscripts submitted for consideration by authors from middle and low-income countries.

Quality Control

Special Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Diseases Markers [SJ-MND] is interested in publishing novel data from developing or underdeveloped countries which we know are desperately needed by the relevant stakeholders globally to make the world a better place to be. Therefore authors of accepted manuscripts from developing countries and under-developed or middle and low-income countries are therefore required to pay 50% of the minimum cost of handling and processing a manuscript from authors’ submission to acceptance until it is published and maintained online 

Not for profit

It should be noted that the Special Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Diseases Markers [SJ-MND] is not a profit publication platform designed to help all researchers from all over the world to shift or change the paradigm from “publish or perish” to “publish or publish”.

We believe every resource-oriented professional will give what it takes to succeed and no one sets out on a mission to fail or perish. Lessons learned in the past suggest avoidable and affordable challenges could have saved many important talented professionals from being pushed out of their professional system allowing them to be more vulnerable to the so-called publish or perish paradigm.

Publish or Perish

Special Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Diseases Markers [SJ-MND] wants to replace the “publish or perish” policy with publishing or publish and we would not allow anyone to perish. The principle of snowballing is one approach we think this message can be spread globally so that those in need will hear accept and embrace our mission.


Be the first to Support this initiative. Send your manuscripts at once to the Special Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Diseases Markers [SJ-MND] at the submit page or by email attached to You are therefore invited to submit your papers/manuscripts by email attachment of the entire word document to us at  or call +256700488917. We will acknowledge receipt of the manuscript within 24hrs or else send it again until ok

Handling fee

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