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Introduction to Special Journal of Medine

Introduction to Special Journal of Medicine [Explore List of other Special Journals here!!]

Introduction of Special Journal of Medicine is where you will get the details of our capacity to meet your need in information dissemination to the target population. Special Journal of Medicine is not for the profit publication platform designed to increase the visibility, accessibility, distribution, availability, acceptability, and usage of all published manuscripts from global academic and research institutions Special Journal of Medicine takes up manuscripts from developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. Our Philosophy is to publish articles that are: novel, accurate, error-free, logical, valid, verifiable, plagiarism-free and are reproducible among others. Special Journal of Medicine web site is an information hub for quick references before professional decisions are made to respond to public health emergencies. Introduction of 0ur guiding principle in deciding which manuscript to accept or reject, based on publishing broad-based manuscripts that cut across multi-professional principles. We want to emphasize multidisciplinary approaches to challenges so that we can look at issues from all sides. For instance, in the health sector, one health principle should connect all medical, biomedical, paramedical, and public health aspects of human, plant, and animal health. In this introduction, the special Journal of Medicine wants to disseminate the social, cultural, and economic aspects of disease distribution in a defined population. These also may include the legal, economic, and management aspects of businesses, projects, agreements, policies, and many other transactions. How one manuscript cuts across other specialties and the interconnectivity of the other disciplines in an attempt to unravel the challenges in health facing individuals and the general public is our priority.

Thank you

In this introduction, we thank you for choosing to publish with the Special Journal of Medicine! Though there are many publication outfits all over the world that were established for helping disseminate information about the target population at risk of an epidemic, for the good of the society. Special Journal of Medicine is also aware that every author needs to publish his/her research findings in peer-reviewed journals for use by stakeholders to help the general public. Manuscripts may be rejected for many reasons sometimes not made known and clear for the authors. We are sorry if you are sad about the rejected papers. Remember that corrections help authors improve their manuscript general suitability for publication. However, manuscripts may be accepted but the cost is simply impossible for the authors to pay. Authors end up not publishing the manuscripts. Some journals have started waving the handling and publication fee for authors working at institutions located in low and middle-income countries. This is good but they end up taking and publishing only about 20% of all data generated from developing and underdeveloped countries leaving the remaining 80% out. Special Journal of Medicine was launched to address some of these challenges and increase your chances of success in getting your data across to the population that needs them. We want to give many people the chance to be heard and the common people the opportunity to be assisted.

Home of all your publications

In this Introduction, Special Journal of Medicine is named the home of all your publications because it welcomes all contributions by authors, reviewers, and donors. Limited resources do not mean limited research capacity. Sporadic reports do not in any way imply that sporadic database. No access to cutting edge technology does not mean an inability to cope with such new technology. Special Journal of Medicine wants to encourage the dissemination of the product of intellectual capacity for the betterment of our local populace. Let’s take up the future of developing and underdeveloped countries by harnessing our potentials. Be the first to Support this initiative therefore by sending your manuscripts at once to us here at the submit page or by email attached to You are therefore invited to submit your papers/manuscripts by email attachment of the entire word document to us at  or call +256782101486 and +256703129679. We will acknowledge receipt of the manuscript within 24hrs or else send it again until ok.

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